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Business Strategy/Policy Development

With skilled insight, we partner with organizations to define the strategy as well as policy that will be needed to enable the implementation of a seamless solution. Policy development addresses the impacts to all stakeholders (executive, employee, customers, industry partners, and compliance entities) and the constraints that may block potential implementation. 


Our strategists specialize in financial, innovation, and organizational management.


Program/Project Management

Experienced and conditioned for agility, we provide advisory services to support:

  • Acquisition Management

  • Business Case Analysis/Analysis of Alternatives

  • Communication Plan & Management

  • Change Management/Business Process Redesign

  • Financial Management

  • Metrics Management (Service Level Agreements, Earned Value Management, & Operational Analysis)

  • Project Planning/Scheduling

  • Reporting Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Security Management



Using a coaching approach, we provide oversight on human resource, financial, and supply chain management implementations. Our consultants are uniquely qualified to advise customers on custom and commercial off the shelf enterprise solutions. Our consultants are trained to understand the impact of realized risks associated with requirements, organizational change management, configuration management, cybersecurity/information assurance, design, development deployment, operations, and maintenance decisions that impact cost, scope, and schedule.

Independent Verification & Validation

Focusing on winning positions, we leverage experience with enterprise projects to independently audit the mitigation of risks. With a proven approach, our team analyzes processes and work products to increase the probability of successful implementation.

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